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Traditional Drip Coffee

From brand names to our own private label, we carry a variety of roasts to please the tastes of your staff, boss, and customers. Pappy’s understands that satisfying an assortment of tastes can be challenging, but our promise to you is that we have a roast of coffee that everyone can enjoy.

Pappy’s carries many different types of roasts:

Single Cup Coffee-FLAVIA

At Pappy’s, we believe in only the best for our customers. That’s why we provide FLAVIA, the top of the line single-serve hot beverage system. FLAVIA is workplace designed technology that keeps your workday running smoothly with freshness, variety, and convenience. FLAVIA offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, chocolates, specialty drinks, and seasonal drinks. It’s like having a coffee barista in your office!

Water Systems

Providing fresh, clean drinking water for your employees is a top priority at Pappy's Coffee. We understand the convenience of hot and cold water with the touch of a button. That’s why we carry Alpine Bottle-less Water Coolers. These convenient filtration systems are compact and take up a minimum amount of space in your break room. The Alpine Bottle-less Water Cooler is easily plumbed into your water line and then circulated through UV filters for optimal water quality. So, get rid of those heavy, cumbersome five-gallon bottles and opt for the latest technology in certified filtration water coolers!

Pantry Service

We have a vast assortment of breakroom supplies available for delivery right to your business door. Pappy’s can help you with all of your needs: sweeteners, creamers, water, soda, teas, hot chocolates, paper products, and more!

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